Waterplay Activity Tower


Land Rec is honored to be Waterplay's partner in California. Waterplay is the world's first spray park manufacture, and for 30 years has been the global innovator of aquatic play. With thousands of installations across the world, Waterplay is proud to be a part of the movement towards healthier, happier communities by offering inclusive aquatic solutions for all.

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Water Spray Components

Waterplay's aquatic play components include stunning dumping buckets, interactive cannons, ground sprays and the best selection of toddler features specialized for gentle discovery play. Create immersive play narratives in any environment with themed and classic collections.

For urban space designs Waterplay offers architecturally-inspired water features with soft, cascading water effects, luminary and wall mount sprays. The playPHASE™ anchoring system offers a clean, flush-to-grade aesthetic and the ability to add, remove or replace equipment for every phase of your waterpark.

Land Rec Waterplay Water Spray Components
Land Rec Waterplay Activity Towers

Activity Towers

Make a big splash with Waterplay's Activity Towers—modular aquatic play structures with an adaptable footprint to fit any environment—from a zero-depth splash pad to an aquatic pool. Spacious stainless-steel play decks with ADA compliant transfer modules and spray effects on and off the tower create exceptional play value for every age and ability.

With the playCONNECT™ mounting system you can add, remove, or replace play features within minutes to extend the lifetime and enjoyment of your play space.

Water Management Systems

Waterplay's Water Management systems are sustainable, economical, and meet all California Environment Health and Safety requirements. Featuring a compact modular footprint, Waterplay’s UV-treated recirculation system keeps the fun flowing while conserving resources.

The smartPLAY™ controller ensures your park is running safely at all times with automated maintenance programming tailored to your park’s unique schedule anywhere, anytime. Its online interface allows clients to control multiple park schedules, sequences and water consumption remotely from their PC, MAC, tablet or smartphones.

Land Rec Waterplay Water Management Systems
Land Rec Waterplay Aquatic Play Design

Aquatic Play Design

With Waterplay Interactive you can now build and create your park through a cutting-edge digital application. This user-friendly software provides real time park design, 3D graphic rendering and video capability so clients can see their dreams come to life. Contact us today to start your project!

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